Review on the Cost of Baking Equipment in Kenya

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Right from my childhood, I was so passionate about baking. It all started when one of my neighbors used to ask us for a helping hand while baking. By then, my neighbor was using a charcoal stove that cost roughly KES 300 apiece, and it took roughly an hour to bake a single cake. The charcoal stove, by then being the most convenient offer, had its pros and cons. In most cases, it often resulted in a fifty-fifty chance of baking.
You will agree with me that most memorable events are often graced with a cake or pastries. Right from simple weekend pastries for the family to birthday, graduation, pre-weddings(famous as ruracio in central and Koito in the rift valley regions), and weddings. With different tastes and preferences from all specs of life, it became inevitable to invest in the most technologically advanced methods and equipment to keep at pace with the market forces.
Baking requires preparations, and right proportions, and a mix of ingredients to getting a perfect result. Most of this equipment is readily available and can be shopped locally. Depending on the frequency and quantity of baking, it is essential to get the right equipment to value money. You can easily find most of the baking equipment and accessories online. Their are vast online selling platform where you can get most of the baking equipment. Amongst the most reputable online sellers include jumia and Jiji based on the reviews and comments; however, this should not limit you from buying from other reputable online sellers so long as you trust them.
Assuming you are a beginner and are passionate about baking simple to most complex pastries, below are some of the must-have equipment and accessories;

  • Measuring cups (for liquid and dry ) and spoons. 
  • Wooden or plastic mixing spoons
  • Rubber Spatula
  • Pastry brush
  • Whisk
  • Kitchen Scissors 
  • Rolling pin
  • Fine-Mesh Sieve
  • Chef’s Knife
  • Paring Knife
  • Baking trays
  • Wire rack
  • Hand Mixer/ Stand mixer
  • Parchment paper/Baking foil

The above are just basic tools for baking. When looking into alternatives for baking,many people have different preferences. Some prefer baking using Microwave, others Jikos( traditional Charcoal Stove), Standard/ Normal Ovens, Advanced/ Industrial ovens and others improvised ovens( Juakali Ovens)

Cost of Purchasing a Baking Equipment

Similar to the variant of the baking equipment, their costs also vary. Below find the table tabulating different costs and descriptions of the pros and cons of each.

ItemCost (KES)DescriptionPros Cons
Jikos230-500This is a traditional charcoal stove used for baking small quantities of pastriesIt is an alternative for places with limited electricity and solar powerTime consuming,one baking at a time, difficult to regulate temperature and heatRequires human support to keep the charcoal burning for a w
Microwave5000-15000It is a technologically advanced baking tool that often is used in warming foods Simple to use, The best alternative to use when trying out simple pastriesTime consuming, One baking at a time. Often gives 50% chance of success. 
Standard Ovens20,000- 60,000This is a well advanced cooking stove that is used for home use and small and growing bakeriesSimple to use; Can easily bake multiple pastries at go and requires minimum or no intervention during the baking process.High electricity consumption. Not suitable for places far from the grid. Require in depth knowledge to regulate temperature and set the baking time.
Industrial Ovens35,000-1.5 MillionThis is the most advanced baking equipment mostly recommended for commercial undertakings. Easily bakes multiple cakes at a go. Best for commercial purposes.Complex to operate. Require advanced skilled man-power to use. High consumption of power. In some instances you will be required to use 3 phase electricity which is not readily available.
Improvised (Jua Kali Oven)10,000-50,000The improvised oven 

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