Meet Frank Koome, A Top Fashion & Design Influencer on Instagram

Instagram is the world’s leading social media platform, with over 1 billion people using it every month. The platform is also a favorite in Africa, and in Kenya, it has over 1.5 million users. Its growing popularity has paved the way for entrepreneurs, particularly those in the beauty, fashion, and design niche, to connect with their audience and grow their businesses. 

One of the founders who has leveraged Instagram for business growth is Frank Koome. Frank is the Founder of Le Smith wear, a company that focuses on grooming for both ladies and gents. “I believe good grooming can be made a habit. I major mostly on tailored suits, although lately I’m thinking of venturing into casual too,” says Frank. 

Frank’s Instagram page has a following of over 6500, and his Facebook enjoys at least 1700 followers. No doubt, Frank is a micro-influencer with a strong engagement from his audience. Whether they follow him for his dashing physique or his jaw-dropping apparel is up to you to decide. 

Frank graduated from Technical University, Kenya, in 2018. He completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Building and Construction. “Construction boosted me a little. But securing a permanent job is a little tricky. My visionary perspective has earned me opportunities to work with different people in fashion and also the construction industry,” he says. 

Frank has also been modeling since 2016. He won the male model of the year Mashujaa Awards 2019/2020. “Competing against the best male models in Kenya was a big challenge. I’ve also won a few titles in Kenya that I am proud of, such as Mr. Technical University, Mr. Birmingham Kenya, and Mr. Environment Meru County. 

There are thousands of people out there who desire to pursue entrepreneurship but are stuck in deciding which path to choose. I’ve heard endless concerns from people wondering what business they can start with 200K in Kenya, or 100K or 50K. Indeed, employment opportunities are hard to come by. Most of those in employment have also had to contend with living on paycheck after paycheck. Yet Frank’s decision to turn passion into profit is proof that we all have what it takes to become entrepreneurs. All you need is the right mindset and commitment. 

Frank found his niche in fashion. He encourages those who intend to venture into this niche to develop a resilient mindset. This mindset is one that can adapt and bounce back even when things don’t go as planned. The fashion and design niche has its challenges as well as its fair share of competitors. For you to succeed, you need to have inner strength and confidence. Moreover, you should stay true to your vision and work on it zealously. 

Frank’s goal is to design something that will live forever, something that’s worth being remembered for. His fashion brand, Le Smith, is evidence that this influencer is well on his way towards becoming a legendary figure in Kenya’s fashion niche. Feel free to check out Le Smith’s designs on Instagram. You can also reach out to Frank on Facebook or his personal Instagram page.

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