How To Start And Run A Successful Deejaying Career In Kenya

A deejaying career in Kenya can be lucrative, but it is not for everyone. Besides competition in the sector, there are also very few schools that offer proper training on Deejaying. Not forgetting that this is a route less traveled.

DJ Proma understands what it takes to grow your career as a deejay in Kenya. In this article, we uncover the journey of a deejay from a guy who is not only growing daily but also aiming to leave a legacy of his own in the country.

Following your passion

While there are not many encouraging factors to develop and thrive as a deejay, this profession requires that you follow your passion. Proma is a self-taught DJ and admits that his love for music and passion to be an entertainer is what has propelled him to the path of success that he’s on right now. He started slowly, learning from others and picking a few tips from his mentors. The process was not fast, and your patience will be tested. To master your craft, you have to love what you do, and not do it for the money, but for the love of the game and growing your talent.

Focus on a niche and perfect it

When starting a deejaying career, it is easy to fall into the temptation of trying to please everyone. Like other artists, deejays need to focus on a specific niche that they love and strive to do exemplary well at that niche. For DJ Proma, despite the fact that he loves to entertain large crowds with varied genres of music, he says he is very passionate about local urban and hip hop music. He enjoys promoting local upcoming artists doing well in their music. Besides, he loves associating himself with good artists, who do quality music productions and those that understand their art. By focusing on growing a specific niche, DJ Proma is not only gaining popularity amongst local artists, but he is able to produce quality work that captures his audience beyond borders.

Hard work is king

Personally, I am yet to find a career where you don’t have to work hard. A deejaying career is not synonymous with partying your life away. To break into the industry and make a living and leave a legacy, you have to take it like any other job and put your best foot forward. DJ Proma swears by improving your skills daily. He encourages others to consistently work hard and master their craft, and soon, success will follow.

Have a clear vision of where you want to take your career as a DJ

What keeps us moving forward and reaching new heights are the goals that we set for ourselves. As an artist, you have to have clarity on your goals. DJ Proma notes that his key goals for the near future is to plan and manage his concerts. He would also want to disrupt the way events and concerts are done locally. All in all, having a goal of where you want to go will give you the motivation to work hard towards it.

Why you should heed DJ Proma’s advice….

DJ Proma has been deejaying consistently for four years now, mainly doing live performances over night clubs, social and commercial events. He is also a sound engineer, and currently working in production with Generation Events.

In 2019, DJ Proma was listed as one of the Revealed TV award takers. At the moment, he is working on a new mixtape, called The Heat List, which will majorly feature most HipHop artists in Kenya.

Other than being consistent and musically ambitious, he has the will to accomplish bigger and better someday.

Connect with DJ Proma on Instagram to learn more about his work

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