The mere mention of the name kara village, often drives most people to think about Kara villages that deals with social, charitable events and children homes,  while it may often be the case nonetheless, there is a KARA VILLAGE that is disrupting the fashion industry with its Ankara Nigerian designed attires.

 KARA VILLAGE is a multinational Ankara design business that has gained fame after many celebrities, and high profile individuals opt to wear their Ankara design clothes during their special events.

Working hand in hand with Kenyan most popular influencers, Kara aims to change the dressing code that has mostly dominated significant events globally. Therefore Kara village has engaged with some known celebrities like Azziad Nasenya and Pascal Tokodi of the famous Selina series, a local tv soap on weekdays. The Kitenge designer aims to bring out the model’s figure and unique camouflage Ankara design dresses, shorts, and pants to enhance their looks compellingly.

The kitenge dressing codes can be categorized in two folds; it embraces holding on to the cultural dressing codes while still rocking in a casual outfit. Secondly, playing with patterns, designs, and colors to coordinate a specific yet unique look. Notably, the most common radio presenter Jalango, whose signature design clothes are mostly ankara designed.

Westernized designer clothes have previously dominated the Kenya red carpet events. As a result, they are not giving much anticipated weight to the aspect of maintaining our own rich culture while still dazzling. However, the narration is gradually but steadily changing as key Ankara design professionals like Kara village are disrupting  the market. Kara village focuses on bringing in the Nigerian dress code and themes to the Kenyan market to support the cultural aspect while maintaining that perfect look. 

Yvonne Wangui, CEO of Kara village, details the reason why she started the business. “I wanted to start a business in fashion but I didn’t know what to sell exactly,” she says. However, while touring Nigeria for leisure and traversing the country, something got her attention, the code of dressing. That’s when it hit her to start her business and bring the uniqueness and culture back to Kenya.

Kara village does a combination of designs. You will find the latest African style and Nigerian fashion style all incorporated with an exquisite designer touch. Are you aspiring to hold a special event soon? Be it a wedding, birthday, baby showers, or red carpet award events; Kara village has your back. As Yvonne narrates,” we will ensure that you stand out .” Yvonne’s focus is not so much on increasing her revenue base; instead, she aims at ensuring that your event is a success and that customer satisfaction has been attained. 

Yvonne is looking forward to signing deals with some notable companies while defining and expanding her market base. Kara village store is located at 53 park arcade along ring road Kilimani in Nairobi. 

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