Best Months To Have A Wedding

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Today’s climate is a bit of a brainer. Gone are the days that we experienced the sun in January and February and rainy days in March. In 2021, we witnessed floods from Mid-Dec to early Jan plus a bit of rain in February. Climate change has made it tricky to decide on the best months to have a wedding comfortably. Still, you can opt to abide by the traditional rule that marks February, August, and December as the best months to have a wedding. Or, you could go with your gut and choose to celebrate love at whatever month. 

Let’s have a look at some of the best months to have a wedding. 

June, September, & October 

Out of the 12 months in a year, these three months stand out as the best time to have a wedding. June is popular because of its mild weather (at least 18ºC with highs of 23ºC and lows of 12ºC). The warm season is experienced throughout the country makes these months a great time to have a wedding. Whatsmore, most people tend to be financially well-off during this month. 

February, August & December Are Still Okay 

The issue with February (and January for that matter, or “Njaanuary”) is that most people are financially constrained. Still, no rule says that you shouldn’t have your wedding in February. Whatsmore, you’re likely to get good deals from wedding planners as this is a low-season for them. 

August and December are also months that are marked with 12 hours of sunshine and moderate temperatures of 20 to 30 degrees. Whatsmore, most people are likely to be available during these months as companies are more willing to give their staff leave during these months. 

Like February, December is a month of love. You are likely to hear of wedding bells during this month. December works too but can be a bit pricey if you don’t plan in Advance. 

Be sure to avoid The rainy seasons, March and April, and November to December. 

The beauty of low seasons such as January, February, or March is that you’re likely to get discounts. Moreover, booking a church or the church leader to officiate your wedding is easier during the low seasons. Still, it’s essential to plan for your wedding a year in Advance to avoid last-minute frustrations of mishaps. 

As stated earlier, climate change has made some of the popular months to have a wedding become rainy months. You may plan in June and end up with a cloudy wedding. With that in mind, it helps a lot to have a wedding planner who can guide you in the planning process and ensure that you don’t end up with a messed-up wedding. For example, your planner may advise you to have tents in the reception area or garden rather than allowing the guests to sit in the open field. 

Rainy weather doesn’t have to lead to an indoor wedding. You can opt for clear tents, or you can go for some clear umbrellas for your bridal party. You can also rent a bridal petticoat that hems the gown up to keep it from dragging on the ground. 

There are comfy wraps and coats for brides if your wedding lands on a cold day. You can go for a short wedding dress as well (although in Africa, this is unheard of/rare). 

By the end of the day, any month can be a wedding month, depending on your theme, budget, and plan. They say that it’s a blessing when it rains on your wedding day. Personally, I am not a fan of rainy weddings. I would pick the scorching heat over a drizzly day anytime. But we live in times of uncertainties. So, the best advice for you is that you should have a solid contingency plan and go for the best month to have a wedding. 

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