5 Pay-As-You-Go Solar Service Providers Dominating The Market And Why

According to the World Bank data on energy access, the percentage of the Kenyan population with access to electricity is about 75%. While this may be a major improvement compared to about 5 years ago, where only 50% of the population was connected to the national grid, the majority of the rural population remains in […]

How Corona Has Affected Wedding Budgets

How Corona Has Affected Wedding Budgets. Weddings are not only lavish events that attract hundreds of people. We were used to planning a wedding with 50 guests in mind, only for 250 guests to attend (including gate crashers). But with social distancing, financial pressures, and government-imposed limits on guests, the grandeur of weddings has become […]

10 Ways To Get Out Of Debt In Kenya

Did you know that a staggering 3.2 Million Kenyans were listed on CRB by April 2020? A good assumption is that digital loan apps have made it easier for people to borrow. But there is also a huge segment that is not represented here. Think about student loans, mortgages, business loans among others. You might […]

Best Months To Have A Wedding

Today’s climate is a bit of a brainer. Gone are the days that we experienced the sun in January and February and rainy days in March. In 2021, we witnessed floods from Mid-Dec to early Jan plus a bit of rain in February. Climate change has made it tricky to decide on the best months […]

Top 7 Fastest-Growing Small-Scale Businesses in Kenya

Are you interested in starting up a business here in Kenya? There are vast business ideas that are still untapped and are profitable. You can kickstart the side hustle with little savings. Moreover, you can keep growing as your turnovers increase. Startups are a test of patients because it may take a longer time for […]

Review on the Cost of Baking Equipment in Kenya

Right from my childhood, I was so passionate about baking. It all started when one of my neighbors used to ask us for a helping hand while baking. By then, my neighbor was using a charcoal stove that cost roughly KES 300 apiece, and it took roughly an hour to bake a single cake. The […]

How to Register a Company in Kenya

For decades, registering a company in Kenya was challenging and complex. The process was complicated and unstructured. This resonated with a lot of time wastage and loopholes that were prey to corruption and delays. As a result, the government took the initiative to streamline the registration process by closing in the loopholes. Are you a […]

10 Investment Opportunities in Kenya

Investing is the best way to build wealth and secure your future. When you start to invest, you take a step out of the short-term goal and set your feet on a long-term goal for financial success. If done right, investing will work for you and your family.  Currently, a significant percentage of the population […]