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Julikana is Kenya’s leading online magazine focussed on influencers existing in our ecosystem. The magazine was launched in 2020 and quickly built traffic online by emphasizing authentic, engaging, and relevant stories that offer a fresh experience to our audience.
Our agency is one of Kenya’s Fastest growing start-ups and a disruptor of the country’s online media space. As a disruptor, we have revolutionized the way content and stories speaks to and represents our athletes, entertainers, businesses, social media influencers, artists, entrepreneurs and many more. We prioritize conversations that matter most by allowing the influencers to contribute to their online reputation giving us their first-hand account of their stories.


We celebrate authenticity, shun gossip, and always strive to keep it real and eye-opening. Our team continuously sieves fake news to unravel the truth from the source. As such, we keep our audience informed in all the latest, be it in business, sports, entrepreneurship or entertainment space.
At Julikana, our vision is to celebrate greatness. We intend to shake the internet and put our contributors on the limelight by sharing their accomplishments with the rest of the world.

Meet The Team

I have been a professional content writer since 2016, when I wrote content for websites and got them to rank 1st on the SERP (Have written over 10,000 web content since then). After enduring long-working hours plus a whole lot of coffee, I managed to get my own international clients. I have also worked with start-ups in Kenya by setting up unique options for their digital marketing. 

I have experience in social media marketing, content development, web management, and the latest digital marketing trends. As a co-founder at Julikana, I help ensure that our content presents succinct and engaging facts for our audience. I am also the Founder of Common Claypot Ministries, an online-Christian based magazine set to empower, impact, and touch the lives of people from around the world.
They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. I made my first-step after graduation in 2014, and I have journeyed several thousand miles.


Caroline Njeri Muiruri

Content Developer & Digital Marketing Strategist

I am a marketing enthusiast, still juggling between digital and the good old traditional media platforms. 

Over the last 6 years, I have focused on developing growth strategies for multinational companies in East Africa through sales and marketing. 

Besides business development, I have assisted start-ups to launch and elevate their brands through content marketing, press releases, and digital campaigns. Some of my work has been featured in the local press like the Daily Nation, and international magazines such as Entrepreneur and Thrive Global.

I enjoy forging relationships, networking, and solving everyday challenges, by applying modern approaches in sales and marketing that help businesses thrive in today’s competitive world.      

If I am not traversing the country and tossing value propositions to heads of departments, I am probably at home snuggling with my daughter or searching for the latest SEO trends. At Julikana, I lead the business development efforts with a special focus on business growth and customer relationship management.

Monicah Muriithi

Business Growth

I am a Finance and Admin expert with over 10 years’ experience. I have worked in various sectors and in different capacities. I have also worked with startup businesses and entrepreneurs,  helping them secure their financing to grow their ventures. For instance, I helped Kigali Farms, a startup business in Rwanda, secure a credit facility channeled towards their cold chain expansion project. 

Being hands-on working with numbers, I have helped businesses in proposal development for fundraising, credit assessments, and securing a credit line for working capital purposes. I am proud of helping a startup company in Kenya secure Euro 500,000 funding for their growth projects. I was also a pioneer for an in-house credit facility currently reaching out to over 100,000 small-holder farmers. 

I have built my professional portfolio around helping businesses in their finance and development sector. Presently working as a consultant for Global Alliance for Clean Cookstove (GACC). 

Here at Julikana, I am a co-founder and in charge of the Finance and Administrative department. I help ensure all the procedures and standards have been complied with to the core. Besides work, I enjoy bonding with my two amazing children learning and playing around with them.

Caroline Wanjiku

Head of Operations